Work as a team

Store all your Important and frequently used files in your local place,

visit it anytime when you are in the same local network, whatever the

files are from,never bothered by different OS platforms boundaiy,visit

your photos captured by your phone from PC wirelessly, and visit

your does in your PC from your phone right afteryou finish.Let all

your devices work as a whole team !

Keep your data safe

Public Cloud services cannot be 100% security,you never know

if someone is stealing your data from somewhere or not,

Goonas's solutions can keep your data more security, Backup

and synchronize yourpersonal files by internal and local wireless

networks. Keep the storage by your side,Your photos and

video can only visit by you and people you trust.

Sync any time

Just keep your Laddve power on 7/24, with only little power consumption it can sync wheneveryour mobile

devices andyour PC is on and within a same local network,syncautomatically,Backup your files from your PC

and visit it even without turning your PC on.

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